Restaurants in Câmara de Lobos

Restaurants in Câmara de Lobos

Câmara de Lobos, neighbour to the capital of Funchal, is one of the best places to eat in Madeira because of its dedication to traditional Madeiran gastronomy, agriculture, fishing and production of Madeiran Wine. Câmara de Lobos is full of history and enchanting locations such as the picturesque landscapes to be witnessed at the Cabo Girão and Curral das Freiras viewpoints which attract thousands of tourists a year.

Restaurants in Câmara de Lobos are high in number and diverse in style. You can find restaurants ranging from modern with amazing sea and mountain views to humble restaurants with a family-feel atmosphere located in the more populated zones. Madeirans will travel long distance if they need to just to eat at their favourite restaurants in Câmara de Lobos. What's best is that you can find great value for money food here and quality service so eating in Câmara de Lobos is a must!

Due to its local fishing industry, there is plenty of fresh Espada (black-scabbard fish) and Atum (tuna) on the menus which are prepared in delicious traditional sauces full of regional flavours accompanied by fresh and locally grown vegetables. Although fish is in abundance here, some restaurants are better known for their meat dishes with the famous Madeiran Espetada (meat-on-a-stick) or Frango Assado (roasted chicken) being the favourites. The menus in Câmara de Lobos' restaurants are in most part traditional always presenting famous typical dishes of meats and fish although there are now an increasing number of pizzerias or pasta places.

After dining in one of the restaurants in Câmara de Lobos, you may wish to go down to the marina that has bars and pubs and sample the local Poncha or Vinho (wine).


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