Restaurants in Ponta do Sol

Restaurants in Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol or in other words 'edge of the sun' is one of the smallest municipalities that comprise the island of Madeira and depends greatly on tourism. It is located on the southern coast and has borders with Calheta, Porto Moniz, São Vicente and Ribeira Brava. This little bit of heaven is a clean, quiet and laid back region and is simply perfect when needing to get away from the busier urban lifestyle. Everything here is smaller and fewer in number but of a high standard.

There are only a handful of restaurants and bars to be found here and most are located in the main downtown village of Ponta do Sol which offers ample parking. The location is nothing less than superb and is guaranteed to please. Here you can eat and drink whilst facing the Atlantic Ocean or the magnificent coastal lines that Ponta do Sol has to offer. If you stay late enough, you can also experience closer up the colourful sunsets unique to this part of the island.

When eating out in Ponta do Sol, the variety on menus is limited but you can expect to sample fine traditional Madeiran cuisine at prices fit to suit any pocket. Dishes are homemade and delicately prepared with herbs, garlic and oils traditionally used in Portuguese cooking. Specialities here include grilled lapas (limpet), the famous Espetada (meat-on-a-stick) and bolo do caco (Madeiran bread).


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