Restaurants in Ribeira Brava

Restaurants in Ribeira Brava

Ribeira Brava, located between Câmara de Lobos and Ponta do Sol, is roughly 15km away from the Madeiran capital of Funchal. A hugely touristic location, Ribeira Brava is highly appreciated for its overpowering green mountains and laid back lifestyle with its main village being a place where Madeirans will go to when searching for sunshine, relaxation and good food.

Ribeira Brava and Campanário are the most developed and populated of the four zones that comprise this municipality and are where the majority of well-known restaurants and cafés are found. Although restaurants are fewer in number here compared to other regions, you can find restaurants offering almost anything on the menu ranging from fish, to meat, to pizza and pastas. Being a touristic area, you can easily find a place to eat that will suit all ages.

If you are looking to eat near the seafront, there is a pleasant esplanade down in the Ribeira Brava village. Here you will find some charming restaurants and snack-bars that give you the opportunity to sit outside in the warm sun during the day or in the warm breeze at night whilst watching the sun go down. On the other hand, if you are simply passing through and fancy a quick bite to eat, you will find a respective amount of snack-bars that although small have delicious and filling sandwiches among other local appetizers.

Known for its high production in sugar-cane, Ribeira Brava produces the highly alcoholic regional drink called aguardente described by non-locals as 'fiery water', so do have a try if you are daring enough!


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