Restaurants in São Vicente

Restaurants in São Vicente

São Vicente, one of the greenest municipalities of all of Madeira, is located in the northern part of the island centred between Santana and Porto Moniz. Although large in size, its population is low with most of its area being covered by forest lands. São Vicente is highly recognized for its preservation of the traditional Madeiran vegetable soups and broths composed of fresh vegetables cultivated by the locals of this region.

When looking for a place to eat in São Vicente, restaurants, cafés and snack-bars are more limited in number with the majority being found all lined up on one single avenue. On the plus side, the location is splendid as it is right next to the beach so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sea views whilst eating.

Although fewer in number, restaurants here never fail to please in terms of offering a generous meal at a low price. It is due to this fact and their vast selection of dishes that they remain strong and successful. São Vicente may be distant but that does not stop Madeirans from all over the island going there to eat their favourite Regional or Portuguese delicacies.

Restaurants and cafés here are small but pleasant and always have a friendly atmosphere. The restaurants of São Vicente tend to come to life mainly during lunchtime with the locals themselves, tourists on guided tours to the area or tourists staying in nearby hotels. Weekend lunches or dinners are more popular with Madeirans from all over the island looking for a day out in the country.


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