Restaurants in Porto Moniz

Restaurants in Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz is an ideal location if you are looking to eat by the sea whilst soaking in the glorious coastline views. It is an extremely remote and rural village located in the northwestern corner of Madeira Island between Calheta and São Vicente and can be a little hard to get to. The best way to get to this part of the island, should you not be staying in one of the hotels or Inns here, is by booking a guided coach tour. Just the drive to get to the main village of Porto Moniz through the small and winding road with overhead waterfalls and cliffs is an experience in itself!

Porto Moniz's biggest industry, like in other more remote regions, is tourism and it is best known for its lava rock seawater swimming pools which are overlooked by some restaurants in the area. As can be expected, due to its easy sea access, Porto Moniz's restaurant menus will offer a vast selection of Portuguese seafood dishes. Espada com banana (scabbard fish with banana), Bife de Atum (tuna steak), Arroz de Marisco (seafood rice) are just some of the specialities. Should you not be a fish lover, there are always appetizing regional or international meat dishes you can choose from.

It is worth noting that as there are fewer restaurants in this small village, high seasons such as summer and early autumn mean that restaurants can get quite packed at lunch time. The reason being that the majority of guided coach tours make their stop in this village at this time, therefore, picking the right time of day to eat here is essential for a better eating experience.


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