Restaurants in Porto Santo

Restaurants in Porto Santo

Porto Santo is a small island off the northeastern coast of Madeira Island locally designated as 'The Golden Beach' or A Praia Dourada because of its long and golden sandy beach. One good thing about this angelic island's small size is that restaurants in Porto Santo as well as bars, cafés and snack-bars are easy to find and get to.

When eating out in Porto Santo you can find several restaurants or other places to eat in at varied prices. Due to the island's calm and quiet lifestyle, one thing these restaurants have in common is that they offer a relaxed eating experience wherever you may be. These also tend to be traditional, welcoming and have a friendly atmosphere. Porto Santo has some great little beach bars along its beachfront perfect for snacks during an afternoon of sunbathing or for dining at night whilst watching the sunset. Some restaurants in Porto Santo are located in areas that offer picturesque views of both the landscape and beach. Although many places are in walking distance, some of Porto Santo's restaurants are located in higher regions and organize a free transfer from where you are staying to their restaurant, so do make the most of that!

Typical Madeiran cuisine is what is in store in most of the places to eat in when in Porto Santo. Delicacies mainly comprise of those which you would find on the main island of Madeira such as Bolo do Caco, Bife, Lapas GrelhadasPicado, Espada and Bacalhau. One thing you are guaranteed to find on the menus are fresh seafood dishes because of the local fishing industry.


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